Fine-tuning motion detection + Bug on Body Motion Tracking

First of all, I would like to ask you to fine-tune a normal movement (walk). at every step, the NReal tries to compensate for it, which is absolutely superfluous and even annoying. especially in head following mode, you get motion sickness!

On the second subject of errors in the Bodymotion Tracking is the following that problem.

As soon as the main menu has been called up again, the windows opened in the background no longer follow.

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Hi, about the first issue, the compensation we did is for anti-shaking, which makes the image stable when turning around or walking.
And I tested the second you mentioned, I didn’t get this issue. Could you please tell me what version of your Nebula (I used V3.2.1)? And the issue always occurs?


i use 3.1.1 (2350) ← if i try to Update in app - the App say im up to date.

Hi, the V3.2.1 is internal test version, you can get access to it by this google link:

Please check if you still get issue 2.