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Update on 11/11/2022

Firmware update option through the official website.

The latest firmware versions are:

Nreal Air : air_07.1.01.192_20221022

Nreal Adapter: adapter_11.1.08.001_20221012

:warning::warning::warning:Notice​:warning::warning::warning: :point_down:

If you plug your glasses into a MacBook that runs a Nebula after this firmware update, your glasses will be downgraded because the Nebula for Mac still uses the outdated firmware.

The release of a new Nebula for Mac is anticipated in about a week.

Update on 27/10/2022
Beta Firmware aimed at the following problems:

  • Steam Deck locked FPS

  • Using Nreal Air with Xbox Series X / S

  • Nreal Air with PS4/5

Update on 20/9/2022

Firmware v07.1.01.179_20220914
released on 14th Sep. 2022
[Download the latest firmware](Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update