Firmware update FAQ

Why should I update the firmware?

A: Updates to the firmware are implemented to fix issues or add new features to the product.

For instance, Nreal fixed the issue with locked FPS when paired with Steam Deck in the firmware update on November 11, 2022. Nreal will include a 3D feature and reduce the redness of the color profile on iPads with USB-C ports in the upcoming firmware update.

It is advised to update your Nreal to the most recent firmware in order to ensure the best possible performance.

How can I tell what firmware version is installed in my glasses?

A: How to determine your glasses’ firmware version using Nebula

How do I get the latest firmware?
A: Once the Nreal Air is plugged in, a compatible Android smartphone or Mac running the latest Nebula will automatically update the firmware.

Can the firmware on my Nreal glasses be updated using Nebula for Mac?

Yes. The most recent firmware has been patched into Nebula for Mac. Install Nebula for Mac from our website on a Mac that has M-chips.
Plug in your Nreal glasses, and Nebula for Mac will update them for you automatically.

What should I do? I can’t use Nebula to update the firmware.
A: A standard PC can be used to update the firmware. Here’s a demo.
When a new firmware is available, the sidebar widget will make a clear notice.

Also, please always access to the firmware update page through this URL

How should I proceed? I was unable to use the website to update the firmware.
A: Here are a few advices.

  • Use Google Chrome (version 89 or later) or Edge (version 89 or later) to ensure that your browsers are compliant.Google Chrome (version 89 or later) or Edge (version 89 or later)

  • Utilize incognito mode.

  • Disable popout-preventing extensions, such as the ad blocker.

  • If necessary, clear the cache and retry a few times.