First impressions

Hey Everyone,

I am running the demo bundled with the SDK on a new DevKit (black). Built with latest Unity 2019 on a Mac.

The good:

  • Clicking UI elements with the pointer ray and a pinch is working reasonably well.

The not so good:

  • Hand pose detection is terribly flimsy. Some filtering could possibly make it more usable but I would expect that filtering to be done by the SDK rather than everyone for themselves.
  • When doing a small experiment to attach an object to the index finger tip, it became very apparent that the z-pos (relative to camera) of the joints are completely off.


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I do agree the hand tracking does require more filtering, but I never had an issue with the joints’ positions

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It is quite obvious from your video that you don’t have the same problem with joint “flickering” as I experienced. Are you using a devkit compute puck or a phone? What Unity version?

Oh yes I forget to mention I’m using the Korean consumer version (got it from the start. Couldn’t wait :yum:) with an ROG3 phone.

Currently using the latest 1.6 SDK with Nebula 2.01

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and feedback. We’ll improve the user experience and functionality in the next releases of SDK.