First Person Streaming

I know it is still in experimental mode but has anyone gotten first person streaming working? I tried the sample scene and the latest streaming receiver app. I started the receiver app and selected the first person streaming app. I then start the glasses and load the sample scene app. I click the Stream Button. I can see the app connect but the streaming receiver app just shows a guy wearing the glasses and i cannot see what the user sees. Any help or recommendations are appreciated.

Hi, please check your network condition, you have to make sure your phone and PC are in same LAN and without access issue.

I see the test app and the streaming receiver app are talking to each other but the stream never plays in the streaming receiver app. Is it possible to get the source code of the streaming receiver app so i can see why it isn’t working?

You can print the log info and send it to us for analysis.

Hi, I have printed out the log info. How do I send you the log info?

Please send it to me by google drive or other similar link.

Here is the log file from the Streaming Receiver app:

Hi Greg, we speculate it is the port that has been occupied.

So could you please use the command netstat -ano to check which process occupied port 6000?