Focusing Distance / Vergence Accomodation Conflict

Hi, NReal Light are build so that the focusing distance of the virtual displays is a few meters away from the glasses, which is a real pain for applications requiring the display of virtual objects close to the viewer. For instance, a virtual object displayed “in the hand” of the user will definitely appear blur and cause vergence accomodation conflict, which means discomfort and headaches. I assume that this phenomenon is purely optical thus hardware based, and that it’s a conscious choice from the manufacturer as the majority of applications work fine when displaying virtual objects a few meters away. But it is a strong limitation to the use of NReal in many situations and applications, especially since hand tracking is available !

Has anyone found a solution to tweak the Nreal for near-distance focus ? Could I try to insert some kind of converging lens between the projectors and the 45° pass-through mirror of the HMD ? Does NReal have any plans to release a short-distance focus accessory or hack for this issue ? Will the entreprise version of NReal glasses solve this issue ? Any project with light fields ? Modular lenses ? Multiplane display ?

Thanks for your answers.