Forum Rule&Guidance

Use the categories correctly

We’ve classified the topics into 8 categories: General, Development&Help, Nebula, Nreal light, Nreal Dev Kit, Hand Tracking, NRSDK, Nreal MR Apps. In addition, a 【Special Access】for developers who signed up on our forum. Each category has a pinned “About …” topic with detailed information about the category.
Be sure to open the category fully and read the About topic and all other pinned topics before posting. They will describe the purpose of the category and instructions for using it. This will help you and also other developers to target the topics efficiently and effectively.

Title Format

Make your title meaningful and readable. Label the title with 【Sloved】when you question was solved.

Do not cross-post the same message into multiple threads.

If you have a question or comment, please only post one thread in the appropriate category or thread. We will check the forum to collect feedback and reply questions frequently.

Bug Reports

In order help us to help you, please provide detailed log, glass version( on the setting page of computing unit), the SDK version, your phone device version, the Nebula version, and other necessary info when reporting bugs.

Do not behave inappropriately

We totally can not tolerate discrimination and hate-speech. Please be polite and respectful of others when you communicate in the forum at all times.

No religious, political, ideological, scientific or socioeconomic topics.

Only Nreal and relevant topics allowed in this forum.

We appreciate your understanding and support for making a healthy community environment. Please post on the forum or email us at if you have any questions.