From Nreal to XREAL

To all members of the extended Nreal family, today we are delighted to bring you news of our rebranding. We’d like to thank all our partners for your invaluable support throughout the Nreal journey, and invite you to join us as we take the next step on our adventure.
Please allow us to proudly introduce our new brand name, XREAL.
Augmented Reality is predicted to become one of the most important technological advancements in the decades ahead. XREAL is dedicated to the realization of this vision. Every technological revolution starts small. Today, XREAL is proud to introduce what we call the first phase of the AR experience, focusing primarily on display innovation built on advanced optical and computer vision technologies. Since its commercial launch last year, XREAL has established itself as the most popular AR device maker on Amazon US, and Amazon Japan. As the company has grown its global awareness and customer base, it started to encounter disputes regarding the Nreal mark. While the disputes were resolved amicably, the company decided it would be beneficial to select a new mark that can more clearly and uniquely distinguish the firm as a leader in the augmented reality industry. The ‘X’ in XREAL reflects our commitment to the vision of expanding reality, and creating cross-reality experiences. It is also a reminder to ourselves that we need to be extra real when delivering value to customers. To all our friends, partners, and customers, we promise to keep it real, XREAL!

When can we use Nebula For Windows ?

Hi, the Nebula for Windows will be released at the end of this month.