Full size lenses on prescription adater?

First off, I’m really enjoying my Nreal air glasses. Having said that I would really like to get my glasses prescription made for this product. Before doing so I have questions for those that have had it done already. The lens adapter that comes with the product, is that the actual size of what you get back? I would really like to have full size prescription lenses instead of the small lens adapter. I have to get my eyes checked soon so I’ll be asking them to see what they can do but wanted to reach out to those that have already dealt with this. I have another avenue just in case but it involves 3D printing and I really want that to be my last resort. Basically my eye sight is really bad and would like to be able to wear these in place of my regular glasses, plus wearing both these and my glasses gets uncomfortable over time and doesn’t seem exactly right, and am hoping full size lenses can be placed on the adapter. Anyone else out there dealt with this issue?

Hi, the lens adaptor is the actual size, and it is designed by us according to the view of glass. We will consider to re-design the prescription lens if it is too small for users.

Can you or do you know of a company that can make the lenses larger, like the size of a regular pair of glasses? Like I said before my eye sight is horrible so if I have just those small lenses I can’t see my surroundings outside of that small lens.