General FAQs for compatible devices

What’s AR glasses?

A: AR is short for “augmented reality.” AR glasses combine the virtual and physical worlds. When you put the glasses on, the outside world will have digital display overlays.

How many types of glasses do you produce?

A: Two. Nreal Light and Nreal Air.

What’s Nebula/AR Space?

A: Nebula is an application developed by Nreal. Air Casting and AR Space are its two features. You can use AR Space to take advantage of the Nreal glasses’ AR abilities. Air Casting can be used to mirror the screen of your device into the glasses.

Which one should I get? Light or Air? What are the differences?

A: It all depends on what you plan to use the glasses for. Nreal Light is more suited to professionals and has greater AR capabilities. People purchase Nreal Air primarily for gaming, watching media content, and being productive because it has a better display capability.

While Nreal Light is heavier and more expensive, Nreal Air is more affordable and lighter. Check out this page that focuses on the differences between Nreal Air and Nreal Light.

Phone Compatibility



One Plus/ LG/ Google Pixel

PC Compatibility

Do the Nreal glasses work with a PC?

A: Yes. You could connect your PC and the glasses directly for screen mirroring if your PC supports DP output through the USB-C port. You will require an HDMI to USB-C adapter if your PC supports HDMI output.