General question, I don't own a set

My need for a product like this would be to read, say, a pdf file of sheet music while looking through that music at my hands while playing the piano.

I could also imagine other musicians performing while in public using your product in place a music stand.

Would your product be an appropriate purchase for me?

(I stumbled upon a YouTube video of someone using your product and that’s why I’m here.)

If my question is dumb, my apologies.

Thanks in advance, Dave Horne

Hi, thanks for noticing our product. Our Air glass should be a good choice for this kind of requirement.

That’s a great idea! I use it for drawing, so I place references all over my room and just look around, very useful (just wish this was possible in my laptop).

You can also take your sheet music and make it really big and really close to you, locking it in space, like you have a huge screen right next to you, then you can look down at your instrument, without any obstruction.
I’m gonna warn you, though, turning the pages might be a bit harder (Especially for a live performance), because you need to point your device at the page to be able to turn it, and said device will get a tad hot while running nebula.

The other option is to not use AR space, then, you will always have the screen right in front of your eyes, but it will move with your head, so reading may be a bit difficult, depending on how you handle that.
Turning the pages in this mode will be much easier as all you have to do is swipe on your phone’s screen, if set up correctly.

Having said all that, I can recommend the glasses, they are really cool, but you’ll definitely want to adapt to them a little bit, cause they’re new tech, but from what I’ve heard, the folks at Nreal are working hard on improving Nebula, so my hopes are high.


If you really need to see your hands on the keyboard, I’d say it’s marginal. The straight-ahead area is too dark and blurry unless you have tons of light on the keyboard.

The down-glancing portion of the screen is more like wearing sunglasses, so it could be ok to orient yourself somewhat, e.g. after a pause e.g. when you accompany someone, and have removed your hands from the keys.

But note that if you use a virtual screen e.g. with the Beam in loitering mode, the music score will blurry as you move your head or scroll the sheet. And I don’t quite see how you’ll manage to do that or even turn the pages: I’d say you’re much better off with a good tablet.

When I have to read sheet music, e.g. for a new piece, I tend to trust my fingers hitting the keys where they should be. If it’s something I know by heart, I may look at my fingers to make them do what they do better. But then I really have the score in my mind and if I do falter and really need to look at the score, at least I know where to look on the page. Having it truly stationary and sharp may be more of a help than having the page following my head.

Somehow I’m getting the impression you’re trying to do a fake Stevie Wonder…