Glass doesnt show anything when entering AR Space


I got my NReal Air today and connected it to my Samsung S22 Ultra, updated it and did the registration. Now when I enter the Nebula app and click AR Space the glass doesnt show anything anymore.
On my phone I see a matrix of dots but nothing on the glass, only when I lock my phone I see some standby screen but it never enters the AR Space.

Model Name: Galaxy S22 Ultra
Model Number: SM-S908B/DS
One UI version (5.0)
Android Version(13)

How can I resolve this issue?

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Hi, the Samsung phone(EU version) you used comes with Exynos 2200 chipset which is not compatible with the Nebula AR Space.

I have bought the glasses, as Samsung galaxy s 22 ultra was in supported devices… then I realized, that they DO NOT work with EXYNOS… what to do now? Is there any update for Exynos coming?

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What about galaxy S23 ultra because I got my glass and nothing shows up then its says error code 11

Hi, please follow this video and check how to disable Dex mode of Samsung phone. After disabling Dex mode, you can get into AR Space.

I have the same issue. Are you working to solve this?

Are you working in solving this? I have the same issue.

Hi, if your Samsung phone comes with Exynos 2200 chipset, then please wait for some time, we are solving the compatibility issue. But if you get error code-12 when entering AR Space, then please make sure the Dex mode is turned off.

Wish I’d found this thread before I purchased, I have a S22 in the UK which uses Samsung Exynos 2200.
All the usual stuff I followed, I spent days trying to fix it. All to find out that it isn’t compatible.
Really dissapointed. This thread seems old as well so doesn’t look like it will ever work.

The S22 in the UK comes with Exynos 2200, and this chipset is not compatible currently. It is expected to be compatible with the next version of Nebula.

Just worried this could be a long time, seems the issue was realised a long time ago.
Makes the initial experience of the glasses pretty limited.

After 6 months of waiting on my Galaxy s22 ultra, still cant use anything else than Dex. Do you know, if there ever be a support for Exynos? ( Or should I sell the glasses or buy new phone? )

I’m going through the same problem, my dex is turned off, and it’s still not working

If your Samsung phone comes with Exynos chipset, then the AR Space cannot be used well.

Do you have an estimate of the times for the next Nebula release? I have a project on hold and need to know if I have to switch to a nreal alternative.

EDIT: It’s unclear whether this problem is for the Nebula application only or any app developed with the SDK.

Hey it seems that i have the same proplem, and i guess it dosent work for me either cuze of the same reason but il ask either way. When i enter Ar space i see some dots and a home button on my phone but i can’t see anything in ar space. My Model Name is Samsung Galaxy s22
Model Number is SM-S901B/DS
One Ui version 5.1
Android 13

If its the same here will i be able to us Ar space in future or do i need a later modell on a phone?

Thanks for your time.

Hi, it is also caused by the single buffer mechanism of Exynos Chipset. But we will solve the issue from our side with the new Nebula.

shit… I wanted to buy s23 ultra just to try the glasses… I will probably just sell them to some kid for 20 bucks if they do not work after 1 year with exynos flagship phone…

Yop… exacly the same … I have been told 6 months ago, that any day it should be fixed… 6 months…

Exactly the same here:

  • with or without DEX
  • with or without Xbeam

AR space just not working on S23 ultra: either freeze the phone or lock up in black sreen or got sdk error.
Really deceptive to loose half of these capabilities.