Glasses firmware missmatch (devkit vs. nebula)

I have installed nebula 3.2.1 on an android device, and everytime I need to switch from devkit to device the glasses firmware changes

oddly the devkit hand tracking is 1 to 1 perfect,
latest nebula it seems to lag behind until it eventually crashes?

but since the firmware is different I cannot repro the bug on my devkit

Hi, Mike, the performance of Hand Tracking usually depends on your phone and system. If the phone system doesn’t allow consistent high-performance running, then it may cause the app crashes. Could you please tell me your phone model?

its a samsung z fold 4

OK, then it runs on Android 13?

Correct, everything is latest and up to date

devkit is running SDM845-202207211133-1014 (MCU software version :
phone is android 13 (MCU software version :

OK, thanks for the further info. I have to tell you that the Android 13 is not compatible with our glass currently. Maybe this issue was caused by it.

is there any ETA on expanding supported devices?

I also ran into issues with a supported android device being denied Android update 12 as well… so it seems like I manage to find every hedge case trying to test my app on supported devices :sweat_smile:

or at least support for latest Android OS?