【Graduation Design Completed】Thank you for the timely response from the community

After several months of development, my graduation project has been officially completed.:laughing: I’d like to thank everyone in the community and Discord for their help. However, I have encountered a lot of problems during the development process​:crazy_face:, and I would like to make few suggestions to help Nreal become even better!

Here is the introduction video of my development content:Link

Some of my suggestions:

【For Hardware】

  1. Solve the problem of the angle between the lens and the eye. Although Nreal offers four types of nosepieces, sometimes the problem is not the height of the nosepiece, but the rotation of the lens. This is hard for me to describe, but anyone who wears glasses Nreal can quickly notice this problem. I think an effective solution would be to optimize the design of the temples so that they fit the ear
  2. Provide lighter terminals. Either like the Rokid Station or providing a cable that separates the power and video signals is a great option. The problem now is that if I use a mobile power supply to power the phone, the whole device will weigh more than it can handle. But if I don’t do that, my Samsung S10 may not last more than 30 minutes

【For Nreal】

  1. I still hope that a store app will appear or give a simple and easy to understand process for developers to share their apps. I could barely find some very distinctive apps in NrealX, it’s more like a projector than an AR device, emmm

【For NrealSDK】

  1. Need better sharing. While the streaming capability in the experimental SDK addresses some of the issues, there are still many problems
    1.1 Post-Processing content cannot be recorded in the current version
    1.2 The image quality of the front camera is too poor
    1.3 Local recording cannot be used with SLAM at the same time
  2. Need better Bebugging.
    2.1 I can’t build apk in development mode, that’s a big issue
    2.2 Provide better debugging tools in SDK. For example, performance monitoring.
  3. Need better Efffect
    3.1 Migration to URP should be supported, especially for materials and shaders in NrealSDK
    3.2 Fix issuses in Post-Processing
  4. Need better Features
    4.1 Allow to start/pause the plane recognition and image recognition function at runtime and adjust its recognition frequency
    4.2 Provide more beautiful and easy-to-use hand models
    4.3 give optimization suggestions in image recognition to help improve the accuracy of recognition
    4.4 optimize the elements in the simulator, the current scene elements are too simple, hope to provide some necessary complexity
    4.5 support “Build and Run” in Unity, one click to load and run

These are some of the main problems I encountered, some other insignificant will not be mentioned, I hope Nreal can be better and better ~

Wonderful graduation design, hope you have a good result! And all of your suggestions are really appreciated. We do have AR App stores https://www.nreal.ai/arlab, and you can download some apps from it or upload your own app.

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