Grayscale Stereo Camera Usage

I found a as part of the older 1.6.0 docs there was a page that discussed using the left and right stereo cameras via a class called GrayCameraDataProvider, and it was available from the namespace NRKernal.Preview. In NRSDK version 1.9.* this seems to no longer exist. Is there a different interface to the stereo cameras that I can use or are there plans to re-add support for this in the future?

For reference, here is the link to the docs I had found: NRSDK Scripting API — NRSDK 1.6.0 documentation

Hi, developer. The stereo camera data cannot be accessible in the V1.9 version, only can be get in Enterprise version of NRSDK. We The listed all the APIs and sample codes in the doc you mentioned, which is aimed to help you do developing and take it as reference. Sorry for misleading you.

Hi, the Enterprise SDK is only To B currently. Sorry about it.

Please contact for this kind of SDK.

OK. Thanks @XREAL-dev

Hi, I will try to leave a notice to the related person.