Has anyone got dropdowns working in their app(s)?


I had a thread going regarding TMPro_TMPDropdown and was told by someone that they do not work so he went for legacy dropdown. (Using TMPro.TMP_Dropdown in NReal)

For me even legacy dropdown does not work. I didn’t receive any replies on my other thread so I thought I would begin a new question. Does anyone have dropdowns working? In my app, treemodels, sliders, buttons etc all work as expected.



I was on the AssetStore and i noticed in ‘My Assets’ something I’d bought, and clearly forgotten, ages ago called ‘Modern UI Pack’.

I took a look and actually they are very slick; one component is called ‘Horizontal Selector’ and works and I think in some ways looks slicker than a standard dropdown. So I will wire this in properly and check it works as expected. The laser pointer works with it so the C# will be a no-brainer I’d expect.

I just noticed they deprecated the V4 I have and I just got the latest pack for free.