Headaches caused by the back of the glasses

what can I do against headaches caused by the back of the glasses?
The straps aren’t very flexible and I didn’t want to damage them.
Thank you very much

Currently, we don’t have a good solution for this pain. If it really hurts you a lot, you can contact our after-sales team for further steps.

Well mine are very flexible. I bend mine way beyond the line of the start of the strap almost 90 degrees, but only the very tip holding the rest of the strap firm, from higher than where the CE sticker goes.
I might just been lucky, so it is on your own risk.

Otherwise there must be something you can put in between until you find a permanent solution.

Thank you for the answers.
Yes, I use it for many hours because I also use it with my PS5.
I’m currently working on a solution, but I don’t always have much time to go to my hobby room…
I’m trying to make a 3D model that fits exactly just to lift the ends straight.
That would solve my problem.
Actually, the part should be built to be adjustable from the factory.
I’ll let you know if I’ve made any progress.

Thanks for your info. Does the steel make the leg of the glass straight?