【Help!】Need to improve the video recording quality

I have completed the project and decide to record a promotion video, but the video quality is so poor that no one can stand it!!!

I first tried a lighter environment, but the there is no way to distinguish between background and content

I then turn off the lights and draw the curtain, but the noise appears and the accuracy of SLAM become extremely poor due to lack of light

So, is there any solution to record better videos?? Or is there aby way to separate background and content, so I can add effect to different layers??

And the wired thing is that while recording, the accuray of image tracking and plane detection will decrease significantly. That just destory the experience

The recording function(call RGB) will conflict with Image Tracking and Plane detection.

??? what ??? Is there anyway to avoid that? Or if I do image tracking first and start recording after few seconds

Or is there anyway to pause image tracking / plane detection at runtime, so I can decide when to start recording

I think you can use First Person View function in your project, and do recording while the streaming is pulled to the PC.

So has the First Person View function included in demo scene? I just can’t find it

This function is located at Experimental SDK. Please check this link:

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