Help or direction where to look

Hello, I am very new to NReal. We received the dev kit today but do not have an android device. It was our understanding that the compute unit could be used. However, there are no clear directions that we could easily find on how to install Nebula on the compute unit If someone could please explain clearly, or point to directions it would be greatly appreciated.



The information on Quickstart for Android — NRSDK 1.6.0 documentation aren’t enough? I don’t have the computing unit, but because they don’t mention any installation process of the Nreal app I assume it’s pre-installed? @XREAL-dev

Nebula is not available for the dev kit compute unit. You get an Nreal launcher application that is specifically designed for MR application launching. That comes preinstalled on the compute unit but in order to have updates to that launcher software and the hardware firmware, you will need to connect to a PC via ADB or SCRCPY to enable Wi-Fi on the compute unit. There is no way to do this when connected to the Nreal Light dev kit glasses.

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