Here are some interesting MR apps

Here are some interesting MR apps:

1.Memorize Extreme Nreal & AR

2.Table Trenches Nreal Demo

3.PlanB. Famous Cube for Nreal

4.Figmin XR - Nreal DEMO

5.xrcube : 5G XR universe for Nreal Light Glasses


7.Nodesk Fast Typing Web Browser Nodesk Web Browser Download Form.

Adding to your list:

Ghost Hunter for Nreal Light DEMO:
Candy Rockstar Nreal:
Nreal Tower (requires a printed marker image):
Magician Mastery (also works with ARCore if no Nreal device is recognized):
Return to Base:
Space Channel 5 AR Demo (only available in certain countries):
Spatial for Nreal: Spatial — Nreal Beta

Nodesk doesn’t work: After completing the survey I get their link, but it seems, that doesn’t work.

The Nreal-Tower demo requires an 40x40cm sized AR Marker, which is for the most people impossible to print, because it would require at least an DIN A2 printer. Someone tried to cut and glue it to a big picture?

I did. Used two A4 sheets.

For 40x40 you only need A3 :wink:

I am sorry, but DIN A3 is 42x29,7cm, how did you fit 40x40cm inside of that?

The point ist that it still worked. Hence the smiley.

Glueing four sheets together isn’t that much work either, btw.

yes, if you have that with you :sweat_smile:

it worked with one DIN A4 but it was far away from top which was sad

Don’t have my printer with me either (having to print something annoyed me the most) :slight_smile: I used tape to connect them. Stapler might work too :yum:

A4 did not work for me, btw. Maybe I did not bring my nose close enough to the sheet.

We should integrate the marker encoding into the unity app, so that we could define our own markers on the fly in-game. Since it’s probably only x64 code that we have available right now, a server solution or an emulating wrapper might work. @nreal Do we have access to
the sources of the marker encoder?

Still hope that we get better spot recognition out of the box in the near future (then again, i had to get another phone to run hand tracking…).

I don’t find where but someone told that TrackingImageDatabase can’t be created on the fly.

The Nreal supported “Dive” is currently published in
By this app, you can communicate with your remote partner and hands free!