Honor Magic Pro 5

Visiting the USA in a few weeks. I have an Honor Magic Pro5 and was thinking of getting some of the Air glasses

I want to watch 2D and 3D ISO rips of BluRays using VLC

Is it likely to work and what specifically do I need to buy?

Hi, the Air does support playing 3D videos by VLC, but the video format must be 38401080 SBS*. And the Honor Magic Pro5 supports connecting with the glass by Air Casting and watching 2D videos.

3840 x 1080 Side by Side?

So all the ISO rips need converting?

Is there no way of playing them as they are?

Will the Honour not connect usb-c display port out?

Currently, only 3840 x 1080 SBS format, it cannot support other formats, sorry about it. And for Honor phone you mentioned, the direct connection by USB-C port is supported.

So I have tried this. The Honor does support 2D with no issues

Am I right in thinking that playback of 3D isn’t possible because even if I recode 3840 x 1080 the phone will anyways output its native resolution over USB-c and therefore the 3D won’t work

Is there any way to get the phone to output a matching resolution?

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Any thoughts on this?

You can download the VLC player view the 3D SBS contents, and check if your phone supports playing it. If yes, then theoretically it can be transferred to the glasses and played in 3D mode. You have to hold the Brightness + button for 3-4s and switch the glass to 3D mode for viewing 3D contents.