How can I change rayhit from smartphone to hand tracking?

I’m trying to make hand-free application.

if (!NRInput.GetButtonDown(ControllerButton.TRIGGER))

        var handControllerAnchor = NRInput.DomainHand == ControllerHandEnum.Left ? ControllerAnchorEnum.LeftLaserAnchor : ControllerAnchorEnum.RightLaserAnchor;
        Transform laserAnchor = NRInput.AnchorsHelper.GetAnchor(NRInput.RaycastMode == RaycastModeEnum.Gaze ? ControllerAnchorEnum.GazePoseTrackerAnchor : handControllerAnchor);

        RaycastHit hitResult;
        int layerMask = 1 << LayerMask.NameToLayer("Map");

        if (Physics.Raycast(new Ray(laserAnchor.transform.position, laserAnchor.transform.forward), out hitResult, layerMask))

These scripts are imitating code from hand tracking demo and I want to use ray from hands to make rayhit.
I found ControllerTracker and NRHand_R have their own LaserRaycaster.
Even though I dis-active ControllerTracker in NRInput, I cant get any rayhit on hand tracking mode.
How can I switch to laserAnchor from handtracking?

Ok need a bit more information.

Are you using the NRInput.GetButtonDown to trigger the rayhit?? Does that condition ever get becomes true?

I set it not to return so it can skip that part, and still get no rayhit .
Since rays are made from laserAnchor, I tried to find transfrom of laserAnchor for hand tracking.
but there is no change on transform even I set different using GetAnchor(ControllerAnchorEnum.~~).

public enum ControllerAnchorEnum
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the gaze pose tracker anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the right pose tracker anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the left pose tracker anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the right model anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the left model anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the right laser anchor option. </summary>
        /// <summary> An enum constant representing the left laser anchor option. </summary>

To solve this issue, i worked on unity interface…
I just used transform of NRHandPointer_R (from NRHand_R on NRInput).