How can I get Dof sensor data from Air on [Mac,Win,Android,ipados]

Im new here.

I want to get 3dof sensor data from Air.
Is there a library to use ?

There is a only doc for Unity with Xreal Light.
I dont use Unity and Light.

Is there a library? that can be linked and used in a normal program, not in Unity,
since I see that the dof function works in Mac OS and Beam, which seems to have an sdk.

I will use it for my unreal project.


Hi, currently we only have Unity package which allows you to get 3Dof data. And Mac version is not released yet, the Beam is also based on the Unity version.

Hi. thanks for answer.

Can I access the Unity code?
I can change the Unity package code to Unreal.

Before your trial, I have to make it clear to you. The 3Dof data I mentioned is API for 3Dof function, instead of the raw data of IMU. If you want to check the code details, please visit and download the latest SDK.