How can I set different DoF types on gameobjects?

I’m trying to make an AR pet which follows a user by itself.
I know there is a method to change Tracking Type on NRCameraRig , but it changes the entire environment.
I want to set 6dof condition only to the pet and keep the 3dof to the other things(interface, button…etc).
Is there easy way to set DoF condition for each objects? or should I set all objects’ transform in code relatively with 6dof codition?

Hi, developer. 0/3/6 Dof is the entire change for your scene. It doesn’t support to set 6D0f for the specific objects currently. Sorry about it.

okay! Then, can you tell me where the anchor of the user eyes exists?
I used the code pet.transform.LookAt(CenterAnchor.transform); to make the pet watches the user, but it feels little distorted… The pet is watching somewhere near but not me,

I wondered if the coordinates of your CenterAnchor are not correct? Please check if the transforms of CenterAnchor and CenterCamera are the same.

Thanks for your help. I found one component of the Vector was constrained. I figured out this issue.

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