How can I update NRSDK from old version to new version?

if I just import a new version package in Assets roughly, it crashes project somethimes… Is there any safe method to update NRSDK? I want to move from 1.9.3 to 1.9.5

Could you please try to build a new project and then import the new version?

I have the same issue with multiple versions already. What worked for me is to delete the nrsdk folder, and import the new SDK.
As long as you don’t rely on any changes to nrsdk files inside the nrsdk folder then you should be fine

There are several files are relied on NRSDK, which may cause conflicts while building.

I am sorry for any confusion. I meant that as long as you do not alter any files in the NRSDK folder that you can just remove the NRSDK folder, and then immediately after import the new UnityPackage with the latest SDK.