How do I turn on the glasses?

I just received a pair of Nebula Air, but I cant seem to get a picture. I have tried the glasses with a Samsung Fold phone + a Laptop with a USB-C (with display output), but none of them seem to work.

The Samsung phone can see that an external screen has been connected, and when starting a movie it seems to be playing on the external screen (icon showing this on the phone screen), but the glasses are still not working. I have clicked the buttons on the glasses, but that doesnt do anything. I can also feel that the left arm of the glasses is getting warm, but no picture.

Any ideas? Or, perhaps I have received a unit that is dead on arrival.

Update: I dont really know what I did, but suddenly I could see the picture.

So, I guess I will be playing in the AR-world this evening :slight_smile:

Maybe you activated the glass by the Nebula app? After receiving the glass, you need to activate it first.