How do we access head orientation from nreal glasses without running any app on mobile


How do we access head orientation from nreal glasses without running any app on mobile. let’s say we are casting video to nreal glasses without a usb connection?

Hi, the raw data cannot be accessed without launching Nebula.

we have got a nreal beam. we want to cast video stream from our display to nreal glasses. we want to do it without running nebula app or using a mobile. then what is the use of nreal beam? why access to head data is restricted to only nebula app?

lets say we want to run our video app on windows and cast it to nreal glasses and we have thrown our mobile device in a dustbin then how do we launch nebula app? why we are using nreal beam? for giving you some extra money?

we have been buying products from you keeping in mind that we will get proper support.

earlier we had nreal light. now we have got nreal beam. nreal light had issues related to flickering and since we had to connect it to mobile everytime we wanted to try nreal beam to get rid of usb cable.

we have bought nreal light, nreal air and nreal beam. if we had thought thoroughly we could have bought Apple glasses instead of these products. would have saved a lot of time. which we are wasting on this forum. do you go in hibernate mode after sometimes? don’t you understand the urgency?

I know not many people are buying your products but you are pretending to be busy.

Sorry for misleading you. I meant that the raw data cannot be accessed for development. If you want the 3Dof experience without using Nebula, the Beam can achieve it of course. You can cast the screen of PC by Miracast, and you can also cast the phone screen by Airplay, Miracast or DLNA. But please note that the DRM content cannot be displayed by a wireless connection to the Beam.