How do you run 2D apps in MR Space? Like, what is the process?

Lets say I have one of the supported phones from the supported carrier, running Android 11, and am running the official Nebula from the Google Play Store. How then do I get a 2D app into MR Space? I can’t find any instructions anywhere.

There were a lot of YouTube instruction videos when the LGU+ glasses (the Korean NReal glasses) came out at the begging of this year, but I can’t seem to find it. Can’t search in Korean 🤷

But I still remember when you are in Nebula’s MR space, you’ll find a plus (+) button at the bottom part of the menu. If you click it you’ll see a menu with all the 2D apps in your phone. Just drag the ones you want to the top menus so you can use them.

I now have my US model glasses, and Verizon as the provider, but the plus button isn’t showing up.

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2D apps only function with Oppo Find X3 Pro 5G

Are you sure? I thought that was only the case in South Korea. I mean, that phone isn’t even listed as supported in the US.

At least in Spain it is like that, for 2D only the Oppo …, :frowning:

It is i have been using on ATT… Like the other person said its the only phone that supports 2D apps

I have disappeared the + sign and all the 2d applications in my oppo find x3 of vodafone Spain. Worked correctly until the last update of android .
Has the same thing happened to anyone else? what solution is there?

Has IT been resolved? I am Missing the + Button myself now