How should I load deep learning models when developing Android platform applications using NRSDK? [SDK 1.10.1]

Hello! I am a software developer and currently learning the development techniques of NRSDK. I have an Nreal X headset and a Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G phone for adaptation.

I am now trying to develop some AI applications based on NRSDK and need to import some deep learning models on the Android side, such as onnx, tflite, mnn and other formats of model files. Can you please tell me where I should put these models?

Currently, I have placed them in the path MyProjcet/NrealAR/Assets/NRSDK/Plugins/Android/. However, I found that the imported models were not included in the packaged APK file. When the app runs, it fails to load the models and cannot find the corresponding deep learning models.

Unfortunately, we currently don’t provide you with the raw data needed to integrate your deep-learning model into NRSDK.