How to add applications on Controller?

Sorry for the basic question. But in the Development Kit controller, I can find a couple of apps. How can I install more apps in it?
I mean how can I push files into my controller etc?
And is there any way I could see the files inside the controller?

Hi there,

If you connect the dev kit unit to your pc, you can select it as the run device in the unity editor Build settings. Then just choose Build and Run. It will deploy your app on the dev kit control unit

And if you want to add files or a .apk file directly you can use something like scrpy

@Nite I am able to view my device using scrcpy and installed new app as well. But now when I connect my Computer Controller with glasses, on glasses I just see 2 apps (Sandbox and Infinity Space).

On scrcpy I can see other apps and the app I installed but on glasses I see just 2 apps. :frowning: