How to change the screen size and Placement of them on M1 mac nebula?

I just got my hand on a M1 macbook and I manage to get 3 monitor working on the glass with the lid close ,

now I would like to resize them and change the placement of them to my linking.

How can I do that ?

Hi, the display in the glass requires the screen to be open, it doesn’t support this function. About resize the window, it will support in the next version of Mac Nebula.

I manage to make it work with the lid close , you need to have it plug , or use a 3rd party software.

Ok for the resizing , when you think it will be done ? that is the option missing for the plan I have in mind.

I need to be able to resize and move them around and move them further away , like we can do on the phone version.


Hi, the resizing function will be released in the next version (supposed to be mid of Jan). It allows users to move the windows far or close smoothly.

its going to be like the phone version right ?

Will we have the option for the window to follow the glass or to stay static in the void like we have on android ?

Do you mean head-follow mode and 3Dof fixed mode?

yees those mode , why we need so many character

How have you managed to get the three AR virtual screens working with the lid closed? I’ve tried this (M1 Macbook Pro) but the screens disappear. It also doesn’t work with Amphetamine. I can mirror the main display with the but this is not 3DoF, just regular head-following.

in terminal write this to disable the system sleep , but it wont work with nebula , only Screen mimic.
But this enable you to have no power cord attach and use the system

sudo pmset disablesleep 1

To renable it:

sudo pmset disablesleep 0

I think to make nebula work good , it will be a very hard task.