How to change the SIZE of NRTrackableImageTarget?

I made a 1080px*1920px image and set it as the target image,
but the NRTrackableImageTarget is still a Square~
I’m wondering how to change the size of the game object to make it fit the real image size~

Hi Lik,
NRTrackableImageTarget needs to be pre-generated, and pre-configured and has no dynamically modified interface. The image cannot be set to a rectangle, only the side length can be changed (maybe make the width 1920).


WELL, I still tried a rectangle image in NReal Light, but there is a huge offset in image tracking. Is that caused by the shape of the image or the quality of it?
I have matched the position of Gameobject in Unity~

tracking image:

Another issue is that the width of the image will automatically set to 0.397 when I build the project, I juse cannot change it~