How to detect region of object using screen position of controller cursor?

Hi everyone,
I trained yolov4-tiny model to detect image frames.
I’m going to draw bounding box of detected object in Nreal Light using this model.
I got the texture from RGBCamera and got the regions of detected objects using unity barracuda.
while moving controller, I’m going to get a region that contains a cursor of controller in glasses.
So I got a screen position of the controller reticle on Center Camera(resolution: 1920*1080 landscape).
I tried to get a recognized box that contain this screen position in RGBCamTexture.
I got it successfully in unity editor. but I failed in Xreal Light.
Please let me know how to handle it.
One more question: How to change the trackableimagedataset on run-time?

hi. Are you still trying??
Since the coordinates in Unity and OpenGL are different, you must flip the Texture before entering it.
If you wear the Light inside out (as funny as it may look) and run it, it will work.Preformatted text