How to get a depth Information

Can I get depth value on RGB camera image ?

  • When looking hand detection sample, depth map (data) is exist in device.

Hand detection works I think with the outer cameras but if it works with the rgb camera, it just estimates the size of the hand and calculates the distance. From a single camera you can’t get depth information. Do you know how your eyes work? You can cheat by knowing the size of the tracking object and calculate it with the pixel width and stuff.

I tinnk Two 8bit gray color image by two spatial camera makes depth information.

So. Maybe I can use api like this - “grayCameraDataProvider.Texture” and data - left & right image & camera info, And calculate depth map.

ah i forgot to say: there is no access to the two gray cameras. so thats the whole problem. i wanted to track a qr code with depth information but unfortunately it’s really hard to get correct depth information with only one camera. for the qr code or the marker you need to know the size