How to get a handle to the nReal camera

Hi, I am trying to work with OpenCV+Unity and I need to get a handle to the camera in the scene. I am trying to use the below code but my app crashes when I run:
RGBCamTexture = new NRRGBCamTexture();

I believe the above is trying to instantiate a new camera in the scene instead of getting a handle to the existing camera, how can I get a handle to the existing camera in the scene?

Hi, we also used these two command lines in the script of SDK, it is OK. Could you please tell me what SDK version you used? And if possible, please send me the full log, then we can check the specific error lines.

Hi, we are using Nreal MR SDK for Unity version 1.9.0

How can I retrieve the log that you are referring to?

Hi, the log I mentioned can be captured by ADB, or debug log from Unity. You can try to check how to capture the log.
And one more thing, could you please tell me if the phone you are using is Oneplus or Oppo?

Hi, here is the link to the log file: log.txt - Google Drive
I am not using Oneplus or Oppo, I am using a LG V60Thinq LM-V600TM

Looking forward to your reply.