How to get camera frames

I am building a QR code reader using, and I want to access the latest camera frame from inside a coroutine. How to access the camera frames.
Also, Can we test the camera part in the emulator that comes with nrsdk.
Example code snippets are appreciated.

Access RGB Camera - NRSDK (

Not sure about the emulator though… I think the challenge there would be the camera pose would not be relative to the images. You could create a “pretend” camera using the WebcamTexture instead, and have that be used in the designer…

Hey, did the code I sent in the PM not work? It doesn’t read a QR code in the emulator, but it definitely does when built to the glasses, as it’s exactly what I use.

Set a private variable
private NRRGBCamTexture RGBCamTexture { get; set; }

I had a bool and a function to activate and de-active the QR code scanner, but here’s how to get the cam texture

RGBCamTexture = new NRRGBCamTexture();

Then in update I used the bool I set to activate/deactivate the scanner, and if I was allowed to scan, I cased a few strings that the different QR codes contained from ‘result’, but obviously you can do whatever you like and is needed here, this is just an example.

IBarcodeReader barcodeReader = new BarcodeReader();

var result = barcodeReader.Decode(this.RGBCamTexture.GetTexture().GetPixels32(), this.RGBCamTexture.Width, this.RGBCamTexture.Height);
            if (result != null)
                // QRCode detected
               // QRCode not detected

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