How to get Observer View in new SDK

I just started using the NRSDK and I need the Observer View so that others can join in and see what the person demoing the software sees. I looked through all the documentation and everywhere it says that there’s an example project under Demo/Sharring but it’s not there in the (at the time) latest SDK. If I understand correctly (based on research in Nreal dev communities), I’d have to make my game quasi-multiplayer and create a companion AR app on the phone so I can sync the positioning via an image recognition check. And my guess is that the multiplayer part of the helper classes was implemented with the previous, discontinued Unity MP solution. Is this the reason that Observer View demo isn’t in the SDK anymore? Do I have to implement a totally custom solution to be able to use a similar tech like Observer View or am I missing something?

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I also need this feature and need to add its detailed instuction on the document page. Please support us, @XREAL-dev.

I posted a similar question which is about display casting 21 days ago alghough I have not had a solution yet…