How to input texts with a keyboard

I would like to input texts on an app with a virtual keyboard or any other things. I have tried the Input-Interaction demo scene, but it does not show any input ways like a virtual keyboard and could not input texts when I clicked the input field. Does anyone know how to input texts?

Well if you want to use the keyboard that shows on your phone screen, you will need to use Unity’s TouchScreenKeyboard:

Also, if you have a canvas in your scene and it has an inputfield, clicking on the inputfield with laser pointer will automatically show the phone keyboard.

Hi, thank you for your reply. As you told, I could see a touch keyboard on my phone (consumer kit). But, I wanted to ask it for Developer kit. If I use a dev kit and run the Input-Interaction demo on it, no software keyboard is shown when clicking the input field. Is there any way to use a software keyboard on a dev kit?