How to install apps on the compute puck?

So I see links to the google play store for a lot of apps, but I don’t see how to install them on the compute puck. I got into the puck with scrcpy and browsed through the android screens but don’t see any store or browser app to use to install them. Is there a process for doing this? Unfortunately I don’t have an android phone so I was expecting to be able to run at least some of the apps on the puck.

What’s the process to install and try them on the puck?

I believe there’s a a way to install APK files from a PC using the Android adb tool. It’s one of those command line tools. I think it comes with Android Studio.

@Mr.FarePlay is spot on. You can get the ADB tool from here (without needing Android Studio)
SDK Platform Tools release notes | Android Developers

The command to install an APK to an attached device is:
adb.exe install -r <path-to-apk>.apk

If you are using scrcpy (GitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device) you can copy the APK onto the units filesystem and install from phone interface, via the files app.