How to Purchase a Non-Blurry Nreal Air?

Hi @XREAL-dev

How can I ensure that my Nreal Air does not come with a blurry lens?
Could the store open the box and confirm there are no blur defects prior to shipping?
Is it perhaps possible to buy Air from you directly?


Hi, generally there is no blur in the glass, but we cannot guarantee that the glass is OK without any issues. Please do not worry about it even if the glass you receive is defective, we have a great after-sales team who can ensure the after-sales service.

That’s fair. I do have to ask:

Will I have to pay for return shipping or will the after sales provide free shipping?
What is the turnaround time to replace glasses from US/UK/AUS?

Nreal uses the best types of optics in the entire industry. Better than Goovis, Royole, Rokid, Luci, Vuzix, etc… The only companies that rival Nreal are Zeiss, Sony and the now defunct Olympus Eyetrek series of HMD glasses. Nreal has truly made history with these devices. The AIR really has changed things for me.

Lenses are impossible to evaluate remotely without clarity and efficiency specs.
Whilst I am certain Nreal used the best lenses they could find at the time, there is a crop of manufacturing defects being reported:

Nothing against Nreal here.
It’s always a good idea to learn the after sales process prior to purchase.

I just purchased my Nreal grasses and I notice the same thing blurry text in the corners. Not quite as crisp as the center. Will there be a fix in the lenses perhaps? Overall Its a great piece of entertainment to have. Like to see a wireless version more compatibility. I herd people that have the right phones still having issues. Nebula needs work seems like.
Ill give it a few more generations to workout the bugs.
Almost there! :+1:

Sorry for the bad grammar. My fingers are too big for my phone. :rofl:

I regret buying a newer pair in the USA. The pair I bought from Japan months ago upon the original release use completely different optics. The original Nreal glasses have superior optics. The newer ones are using terrible lenses. Cheap lenses. Just like Goovis, Rokid and other brands. For shame.

Hi, the glasses from Japan and US are totally the same. Please give me more details about the ‘terrible lenses’ you mentioned.

No idea, but my older pair have crisp clear optics. The new US ones are blurry and have light halos on everything.

Thanks for reporting @jonathanthersey

Optical Clarity is one of the most important lens characteristics.
Does Nreal use multiple contractors for lens manufacturing?
Is the clarity being lowered deliberately or will Nreal fix lens Quality Control issues?

Hi, we use the same optic lens and parts for all the regions, whether US or Japan. If you get the blurry issue, please get in touch with our after-sales for further help, which will help us to check internally.

Nope. I bought 4 pairs and the oldest from Japan was best, but had bad ghosting and a dead pixel. Im not happy. These new were bought locally from someone and no matter what every pair of Nreal Glasses are different and have inconsistant lens clarity.