How to recognize QR Code and display model based on it?

I want to develop an app for nreal glasses using which the QR codes can be recognized, and based on the information present in it, different models should be shown. How to achieve this? does NRSDK gives the functionality of QR code recognition?

Hi, could you please tell me if you want to use the Cam of Light to detect QR code? Or just use a virtual scanner to detect QR code in 3D browser?

I want to detect and read the QR code in the real world like pasted on wall or something. And based on the information of the QR Code I plan on displaying some specific things like 3d models etc. What would be the best way to go for this? Like what to follow?

Hi, thanks for your further info. There is no QR code detection function in our SDK. But maybe you can try to realize your requirement by Image Tracking function.

You can read QR codes using ZXing for Unity, it works pretty well. It reads far more accurately and quicker than the NReal image tracker.