How to show objects in front of the NRCameraRig?

Hello everyone!
I have an issue. In unity, I put an object in front of NRCameraRig, but when running on the device, I have to turn left or right to can see that object. I don’t know why. Somebody can help me!!!.
Thank you for your attention.

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Can you explain more? Is the object attached to the rig? When you trun your head it only shows in one eye?

Here is my scene, currently, I put the cube in the front of the NRCameraRig, but when I run on nReal glasses, I have to turn left or right to can see the cube. I want when the app starts on nReal glasses, I can see the Cube without turn left or right.
Thank you for your help!

So you want the cube to be locked to your view. All you need to do is add the cube as a child to the rig and the cube will always stay in one place relative to your view. In the Hierarchy just drag the cube to the rig to add it as a child.

Hi Mr.FarePlay,
No, I don’t want the cube to be locked to my view. I just want the cube show in front of camera when opening the app.

I’m sorry but the problem isn’t clear. Can you share the apk so I can test it from my side?

Hi, here is the apk file: DemoCube.apk - Google Drive

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I just tested it. And seems to work fine. I see a big white cube that is in one place and I can move around it. It rotates when I turn my phone and the cube changes color when I click on it.

Is this the expected behavior??

That’s right. So, when you start the app, you can see the cube without turning left or right?

Yes the cube starting point is always the direction I’m facing when the app launchs

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Thank you so much. Problem was solved :grin:

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I was having the same problem. The solution is you can not change the position of the camera, you have to drag the objects inforont of the camera. the camera is always at 0,0,0

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thank you. It’s worked for me.