How to stimulate 'Victory' Gesture in NRSDK emulator


I’m wondering what’s the shortcut key of Hand Gesture ‘Victory’~ Can I custome the shortcut of general gestures?

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Hi Lik,

you can customize the shortcut key of general gestures as the following method:

  1. Open file: NREmulatorHandStatesService.cs

  2. Add a similar structure, as shown in the screenshot, and specify KeyCode. For example, if you want to customize the victory gesture, you can write:
    {KeyCode.v, CreateTestHandState_Found_Victory(HandEnum.RightHand)}

Note, however, that this CreateTestHandState_Found_Victory method requires you to write it yourself as shown in CreateTestHandState_Found_SystemGesture earlier

  1. The most important part is this json file: HandJointsArrayData_Right_SystemGesture_Json
    You need to write your own method to record the position and rotation data of each joint of the victory gesture

got it ~ :kissing_smiling_eyes: I will try it later~

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