How to use AR desktop on PC and MAC(Apple chip)

How to use AR desktop on MAC, Now I plugged with usb-c, It only mirror screen from my mac.I want to view multiple virtual displays at the same time. And It can use AR desktop on PC? Nreal Air

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Only works with Mac M1 for now. No PC support. You need to download Nebula first on your Mac.

Where to download nebula application?

It’s in the Nebula in the Chinese NReal website. Scroll all the way to the bottom.

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Could anyone please confirm if small fonts are a bit blurry in mirror mode on PC/Mac.

Hi guys when I installed Mac app it opens - discover my glasses - I gave light model. When I connect it it just clones my desktop from Mac. But when I hit Start AR Desktop - the wheel keeps turning then I get - close and open app and reconnect glasses :frowning: - HELP