How to use Plane Detect?

I use NReal SDK 1.7 version.

It has not Plane Detect sample project and Not written at API doc.

How to use Plane Detect??

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There used to be a plane detection demo in the NRSDK where you could spawn a prefab on the plane using the laserpointer. Has this been taken out of the newer versions in favor of the AR Foundation solution?

I don’t know. That is the website I use for ref when I need to quickly find something along with github.
The SDK I use mainly for hardware access examples. Try looking in one of the previous versions if you’re sure it should be there.

I want NReal SDK Func not ARFoundation.

Anyway, I know NReal did not support ARFoundation.

Can I use ARFountaion funcs at NReal device??

Hey @XREAL-dev can there be a short tutorial or a walk through of how to use plane detection.
Even I am interested to check out this capability and would require this feature in my project

Thank you.

The demo you are looking for is “HelloMR”, that has plane detection in it. It uses a script called “PlaneDetector” and a prefab “PolygonPlaneVisualizer”. It looks like the important call is
NRFrame.GetTrackables. You also have to enable plane detection and choose the type (horizontal or vertical) in the config file, which by default is NRKernalSessionConfig.

Note that it’s not great compared to other platforms - you need really good light, surfaces with strong contrasting details, and you’ll probably end up with multiple overlapping planes.