How to use the old Dev-Kit with a Phone?

When Version 1.6 has released Hand-Tracking I had asked how to use it with the old DevKit and on Slack I was told I would require a phone to use it. Thus we ordered an ZTE Axon 10 Pro (which was listed on the SDK Support List for Hand Tracking), now I am just wondering how to use the Nreal Devkit Glasses with that phone, as I do not see a guide to it. Is there any set-up I need to do?
Because when I try to open NReal apps with it, like the Figmin Demo from the Playstore or a basic self-built test version, it just closes.
Would be amazing if you could help me out with this.


You may be able to use the developer mode version of Nebula that is in the Special Access subforum of this community forum ( However, hand tracking does also work on the developer kit compute unit. You would likely not be able to run others’ retail applications, but you should be able to build and execute your own content on the devkit compute unit with hand tracking with NRSDK 1.6.0 or later.

Are you sure about that?
Because last time I tried it with the computing unit I received no Feedback to my hands with the Hand Tracking Demo Scene and when I asked in the Slack Channel the Nreal account had answered me that I would need one of the supported phones for hand-tracking…