[HOWTO] Nebula & Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)

After many requests: here’s how to use up to five concurrent Windows 10 sessions in Nebula 2.0 Universal through Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

On the Windows host:

  • Download and install RDP Wrapper Library, replace rdpwrap.ini with the latest version from here, open RDPConf.exe and disable ‘Single session per user’.
  • Download and install an HTML5 RDP client like Myrtille and configure it to make an RDP connection to your computer. Make sure your Myrtille installation is accessible on HTTPS (SSL), since the Nebula browser currently won’t open HTTP websites. I did this using Cloudflare (set SSL to at least ‘Flexible’ and turn on ‘Always use HTTPS’), but it should be possible to do this in IIS as well.

Now in Nebula, make a shortcut to your Myrtille website. Login and voila: up to five floating Windows 10 sessions!



Can @Jorik use a computer mouse?

@Dr_Pepper, nope, only the phone pointer, which is really cumbersome, but hopefully Nebula will support mouse mode soon (just like the Oculus Quest does).

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Finally got RDP working, and Myrtille and IIS SSL working on the local machine, but can’t get SSL to work from other device. I looked into Cloudflare, but since I am just hosting RDP and Myrtille on my laptop, I don’t have a valid domain.

How did you setup a local server on cloudflare?