Hub for Rokid AIR AR glasses

Hi all,

I recently purchased the above device from aliexpress and can confirm it works with the nreal light glasses on my zfold4. Its the neatest solution ive found so far.
I’ve not done much testing but the glasses work fine and the phone shows as charging

Cost £37.82 delivered and came within 10 days.


Hi, thanks for this feedback. Because this adaptor only supports 2 channels of DP output, which meets the requirement of Light.

Hi, as you already know the details of this device, could you not provide this information to your customers so we dont have to buy things and hope they work?

Even better, maybe you could manufacture one of your own?

Hi, really sorry for not passing this info on to the customers. We are working on our own plug&play solution.

I appreciate the information, but the nreal light platform is 4 years old at this point, why has this not been worked on until now?