I build an Unity AR project with Nreal SDK for Nreal AR Glass. At the same time, I have another computer to be a Python server to do face mesh or semantic segmentation. Although I can run the Unity project on laptop and connect it with the server to do s


Hi, could you please give a more specific description of your issue? Thanks in advance.

I can run the project on my laptop. I failed to run it by andriod phone and ar glass, and i try to show debugs. It stopped when it is pc = new RTCPeerConnection(); it seems that it failed to use C:\Users\esxhuxu\custom-render-streaming-with-aiortc\Library\PackageCache\com.unity.webrtc@3.0.0-pre.5\Runtime\Scripts.

I fixed it. The webrtc is for * Android (ARM64 only. ARMv7 is not supported). Additional Notes

Please note that there are unsupported platforms below.

  • Windows UWP platform is not supported.
  • Building for iOS Simulator is not supported.
  • WebGL platform is not supported.

Build on Android

To build the apk file for Android platform, you need to configure player settings below.

  • Choose IL2CPP for Scripting backend in Player Settings Window.
  • Set enadle ARM64 and Set disable ARMv7 for Target Architectures setting in Player Settings Window.
  • Choose Require for Internet Access in Player Setting Window.
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