I having the phone LG V50 ThinQ. I am from Dubai - UAE - Nebula not working - tried so many nebula apks

I having the phone LG V50 ThinQ. I am from Dubai - UAE . Installed Nebula, The phone details & issue attached.

Have you tried removing the phone check?

where it is? can you please help me in that.


In Nebula, go to the “About” page and click on the nreal logo repeatedly till you activate developer mode.

Go to Settings and select developer mode.

Now select “skip incompatible page”

thank you so much for you reply. Actually i am not getting this pages. When i start nebula, below screens i am getting.

Sorry for not asking before, but which version of Nebula are you using and where did you download it from?

The version is

I got the apk from the nreal. There is no UAE store. So they send me by mail.

That’s very odd. It’s the same version I have and it works on my phone although it is not supported.

Try the link I used. It worked for me.

Hey, i don’t know about when we touch 10 times on the screen the about screen will come. At last it happed and its working now. Thank you so much for your support

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Yes sorry about that :rofl: I said click on the logo repeatedly because I forgot how many times I’m supposed to click :rofl:

Even from Nreal support also, same thing they told. I actually activate mobile in to developer made :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: thank you :pray: